Documentary about History of Ivy League Football

If you're a HISTORY BUFF, SPORTS FAN, or ENTERTAINMENT JUNKIE, this project will be interesting to you, so please glance @ the link below...  ED MARINARO (Cornell '72), MATTHEW FOX (Columbia '89), TOMMY LEE JONES (Harvard '69), RAYMOND BARRY (Brown '62), DEAN CAIN (Princeton '88), & LEE REHERMAN (Cornell '88), have been working on "THE LEAGUE" Documentary & Artifact Preservation project below for more than 7 years.
Documentary film about the history of Ivy League football. Donate at indiegogo.
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The League: 8 Schools, 3 Centuries, 1 Sport
Documentary film about the history of Ivy League Football, plus the effort to rescue & archive the rarest & most endangered artifacts of Ivy League History.

BREAKING NEWS: President Obama summons Head Football Coaches and Team Captains of Alabama, LSU, and Oklahoma State (top 3 teams in final 2012 BCS standings) to the White House in last ditch effort to save College Football from death penalty.

With pressure mounting from several top Universities, some members of Congress, and many state officials that recent scandals, violence, and corruption have become just too corrosive, the White House Press Secretary said the President’s instructions to the coaches and players will be blunt: Hammer out solutions to these problems or the 2013 Season will be cancelled!

Sound like a crazy Hollywood script? Well in 1905, something very much like this happened!

President Teddy Roosevelt assembled the football leaders from Harvard, Yale and Princeton and gave them an order:...

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