Eleven Cornell students from the Los Angeles area received scholarships in 2013-14 based on contributions by the Cornell Club of L.A.  CCLA's contributions were made possible by the generosity of local Cornellians who participated in the club's scholarship dinner fund-raisers as hosts or attendees, or who made direct donations. All funds raised go into the club's Scholarship Endowment, now above $400,000. 

Natalie Gonzalez '14, Zoe Otedola '15 and Heather Ross '17 received Tradition scholarships funded from donations made by CCLA in the 1990s. Our new donation of $25,000 this fiscal year was shared by Jonathan Masannat '14, Chris Du '14, Jessica Yang '14, Jonathan Lin '14, Jannet Galicia '14, Brian Aguayo '14, Molly Smith '14 and Nancy Machado '14.

Most of the recipients wrote heart-stirring letters expressing their gratitude for our help in enabling their dreams to come true. Here are some of their comments: 

A natural resources major and Big Red Band flautist wrote about her plans to dedicate her life to helping elephants: "I am an extremely driven person, and I cannot wait to start a career in conservation....Thank you for making this all possible." 

A student who plans to go to medical school recalled receiving her acceptance letter by email: "At the time I was at a mother-daughter luncheon with my best friend and I started crying....Thank you for aiding me in my dreams."

An ILR student who is the first in his family to attend college wrote: "When I found out I'd gotten into Cornell, I was in a state of euphoric disbelief," he wrote. He aims for a career in education administration and he promises, "Everything I do and seek to do in life is for the betterment of my family and those in need." 

Another student told about her involvement as a teaching assistant in ALS' Dyson School and as an advertising and HR manager for the Cornell Daily Sun: "I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow as a student, leader and professional."

A future medical student wrote of his interest in nutrition and social psychology. He worked as a peer counselor with Cornell's EARS program and at Cayuga Medical Center. "I hope to reside in the LA area in the future and remain connected to all of the Cornell alumni there," he said.

A student who is the first in her family to attend college wrote, "When I received my letter of acceptance, at first I was in complete shock. There was little mention of college in my household.....An acceptance letter from an Ivy League college validated all my hard work and for the first time I began to believe in my potential." She aims to become an educator, starting with Teach for America. "I hope to one day be able to help students achieve their goals just like you've helped me achieve mine."

A student from Boyle Heights who has had summer jobs in a doctor's office and intends to become a doctor himself, wrote: "I want to thank you for the generous scholarship."

Another student recalled, "When I received my acceptance letter from Cornell I loudly jumped up and down in celebration in the middle of my calculus class (they didn't mind)." She studied atmospheric sciences and enjoyed hobbies like writing novels and raising chickens: "Thank you so, so much for making it possible for me to receive a quality education in the field I love."

"My goal in life is to help others," another student wrote. "I felt a very warm welcome" when visiting Cornell, she wrote. She found her nutrition major everything she expected. "Thank you for enabling me to attend this wonderful university with your generous gifts."