Dr. Daniel Silverman ‘81

Physician-Scientist and Writer at UCLA Medical Center

Tell us about how your experiences at Cornell influenced your path. How did you come to live in Los Angeles and what you are doing now?

I came here after medical school for internship/residency/fellowship training in Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles.  Upon completion of my training, I was offered dual appointments in the Department/Division of Internal Medicine/Digestive Disease, and of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology/ Nuclear Medicine.

...and, I continue today working as a physician-scientist and faculty member of the School of Medicine at UCLA, with a clinical specialty focused on Nuclear Medicine, and a research specialty focused on brain imaging -- especially as it elucidates evaluation of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, or cancer/chemotherapy effects on neuropsychological function.

How did Cornell help prepare you for your post-grad life?

Professionally... first serious research training (especially in the context of my Honor's thesis in Biochemistry), which led to my graduate studies in the Biological Chemistry PhD program at Harvard University.

Personally... discovered that musical and theatrical engagement didn't need to be left behind in high school, in the course of pursuing a medical/scientific career path... the activities didn't need to compete with each other, but rather could enrich and facilitate each other.

Tell us a favorite memory of your time at Cornell.

My "favorite memory" actually occurred every day I was there -- four times an hour (plus three more extended periods of time on most days) -- listening to the Cornell Chimes ringing out across the center of campus from the McGraw Tower/Uris Libe complex... I suppose, a minor example of appreciating the enriching effects of music amidst meeting the day-to-day challenges of the pre-med curricula

Tell us a favorite memory shared with another Cornell alum in L.A.

(That favorite memory would be, I imagine, too X-rated for this forum.)

What advice would you give, personally and professionally related to your line of work, to Cornell grads looking to come to L.A.?

 Identify attractive potential mentors, get in touch with them, extern/intern with whichever of them you can... and if you can't get them to hire you, at least get them to write you strong letters of recommendation to someone who will.