CCLA's Successful 2017 Scholarship Fundraising Dinners: A Report


Thanks to so many of you, we are happy to report that our 2017 Scholarship Dinner Program was a great success.  We held 16 Scholarship Dinners and fed several hundred supportive Cornellians and guests.  One hundred percent of the donations -- $22,585 -- has gone directly into the CCLA Scholarship Endowment.  This amount improves on our 2016 total of  $18,210.    This year the CCLA Endowment has contributed $50,000 to Cornell to fund scholarships for local Cornell students.

This scale of giving is made possible by our generous event hosts and those who came to dinners they sponsored.  Event hosts in many cases opened their homes and in all cases worked hard to make their events entertaining and memorable.  Attendees enjoyed lavish meals, sometimes spectacular entertainment and always good fellowship, proving once again that there are no alumni like Cornell alumni.  See photos below!

Here are our 2017 Hosts:

Deborah Arrindell and Karen Stetler

Helen Bendix and John Kronstadt

Tanya and Alex Bentley

Neil and Karin Chafetz + Chuck and Lisa Judge

Siavash Dejgosha and Christine Lam

Greg Dollarhyde

Chris and Jennifer Fenton

West Hooker-Poletti

Steven Oh

Ellen Perlmutter and Ed Jones + Jackson Kalb

Pam and Frank Petrigliano + Lucie Ayres + William Robertson

Corey and Dia Redmond

Howard Rodman and Mary Beth Heffernan

Richard and Elizabeth Stearns

Narcissa, Katrina and Kelvin Vanderlip

Jordan Wallens, Donald Wallens, Pete Wilhelm and Tara Roth


--Nancy and Bart Mills and Joy Higa

2017 Scholarship Event Chairs