Can I apply to the Cornell in Hollywood internship program? [back to top]

The CiH internship program is open to ALL currently enrolled Cornell University undergraduate and graduate students, and immediately graduated seniors if they are willing to arrange their own credit for companies that require it. Individual companies have their own prerequisites, so please carefully read the information for each company before applying. 


What is the Cornell in Hollywood internship program? [back to top]

The internship program includes both a part- or full-time internship and a series of seminars and events to help students make the most of their time in Los Angeles and to launch their careers in Hollywood. The ten-week program begins in June and ends in August. Applications are no longer being accepted for Summer 2018 internships.  Check back in the fall for information about our 2019 summer intern program. You are expected to research your job prospects, the city in general and anything that will help you do well throughout the program.


How does the program work? [back to top]

Once you pay your $25 application fee on the Cornell Club website, you can then submit your application to apply here.  FINAL DEADLINE WAS DEC. 18.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Cornell in Hollywood will then inform you as to whether or not you have been invited to join the Cornell in Hollywood program for the summer. When that occurs, we will send your resume and cover letters out to the internships you have listed as preferences. At this point, the application process becomes between you and the employer. Each company/employer works differently. Some may interview you immediately and some may wait quite some time. The entertainment industry is notoriously last-minute with this sort of process, so just because you have not heard anything in a while does not mean you are out of the running. Cornell in Hollywood will contact employers at appropriate times to check in on the process. After the interview/any other kind of vetting the employer chooses to utilize, you will be contacted through CiH as to whether or not you have been granted the internship and will be given directions accordingly.   

We request that you apply for a maximum of 4 internships.  Applying to these internships is not the same as applying to a large finance internship or a college. Your reputation as someone who follows through and our reputation as a program are on the line with every applicant. So with that we will use your top 3 as the ones that we forward your info to if you get into the program, as these are the ones that will most likely be the best fit and the ones that you are able to commit to in the best way. 


Am I guaranteed an internship if I get into the program? [back to top]

No. Having Cornell in Hollywood approve of and pass on your resume and application gives you a big advantage compared to just applying on your own, but does not guarantee any placement. We have had a very high success rate in the past, but cannot guarantee your placement.                       


What types of events are included in the program? [back to top]

Most of the events are roundtable discussions that allow students to ask questions to successful Cornellians and affiliates working in the film and TV industries. Past presenters have included producer Denise Di Novi (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Nights in Rodanthe), Paramount President of Physical Production Lee Rosenthal, and screenwriter John Heffernan (Snakes on a Plane). Cornell in Hollywood has also sponsored panel discussions, film screenings, and a job seminar at FOX Studios.


Can I get college credit for my internship? [back to top]

In accordance with California state labor practices, some companies will require that students either obtain a credit letter or receive academic credit. Cornell University will provide a credit letter to undergraduates, or interns may enroll at a Los Angeles area college to receive the requisite credits to complete their internship. To receive academic credit from Cornell, you must complete the Application for Credit form prior to beginning your internship. Graduating seniors will not be able to obtain a credit letter and must register for an internship course at a college either near their home or in Los Angeles. Interns are responsible for arranging course credit and obtaining any documentation required by participating companies before they begin their internships.


Does the program provide housing for participants? [back to top]

Housing is not provided for students participating in the Cornell in Hollywood internship program, but there are several resources available that students may use to find appropriate housing for themselves.  

     The following links may also be useful in finding a place to stay for the length of your internship (we do not endorse any of these sources - they are listed as a reference tool only):

*Former students have also used the Facebook marketplace to find summer sublets during their stay in Los Angeles.


Can I talk to former interns about their experiences in L.A.? [back to top]

Yes.  Some of our recent interns are available to meet with you and answer questions.  As time permits, they will also be organizing film and TV-oriented events on campus, including SKYPE sessions with Hollywood-based Cornellians.

Will I need a car in Los Angeles? [back to top]

Companies offering internships will specify whether their employees will need a car. While it is not a necessity for most internships, some companies do require interns to run day-to-day errands, for which reliable transportation is needed. Interns, of course, will be responsible for getting to and from their workplaces. For those without a car, the public transportation system is indispensable. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority allows you to plan trips based on arrival time and cost, and breaks down fares and travel times for each segment of your trip. Be aware that traveling around Los Angeles, especially at rush hour, is time-consuming and often frustrating. Click here for a map of Los Angeles: Most of our internships are located in Santa Monica, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Some may also be in Burbank and Glendale. Try to find housing near your internship, especially if you won’t have access to a car.


Since many of the internships are unpaid, can I get a paid job too? [back to top]

Sure. Many of the internships are not full time, so you could definitely seek out a job for your "down time." If you work for a chain store or restaurant at home, you could try to get summer employment with them. Otherwise, there are plenty of places in L.A. to find some summer employment. Much as with housing, you might check local university career center postings. Some people also pick up a second internship once they are here, and although that wouldn't be paid it would allow you to get some different experiences.

     Please be aware of the time commitment of your first internship and how much energy one internship will take. It is important to put your best foot forward, especially if this is your first internship, and not to overextend yourself. This internship can feel similar to a full semester's worth of courses in terms of time and work, depending on the place you are working. While having a job may be necessary to afford this internship for the summer, be mindful of what kind of job you are choosing. 


Is there funding available for program participants? [back to top]

A small amount of financial assistance to subsidize summer expenses may be available through the Department of Performing and Media Arts. Preference will be given to PMA majors and minors. Information regarding applying for financial aid will be available on the PMA Web Site soon.

     Arts & Sciences Career Services has teamed up with Student Assembly and the Office of Financial Aid to offer a limited number of Summer Experience Grants for first-year, sophomore, and junior A&S and AAP students with unpaid or minimally paid career-related experiences this summer! This is a pilot program designed to help students who would otherwise not be able to take on a summer career-related experience or would have a difficult time doing so. 

     For more info: Then, apply on CCNet. Search "A&S Career Services" under Employers Search, then click on Jobs. 


There are a few other A&S grant opportunities as well that you can research if it is appropriate for your internship:
If you are not in Arts & Sciences, check with your school’s summer grant opportunities and speak with an advisor.  Below are only a few of many links to information about grants offered by Cornell’s many schools and departments:

Please double-check the deadlines of the application process as they may have an earlier deadline than when you are accepted to your internship.


What happens if my internship doesn't meet my expectations? [back to top]

Many internships in the entertainment industry are not glamorous. Just because you are working at your favorite studio or a production company owned by a big name, does not mean you will get to do all the things you wish you could. As an intern you are coming into this industry at the bottom of the corporate ladder. It is up to you to work your way up and prove through hard work and a positive, can-do attitude that you can be trusted to do the things that you hope to do. This will take time and requires patience. If you are working at a larger, name-brand company, chances are the you will have more menial work because you will be among a team of interns. If you are working for an individual or smaller company, responsibilities will vary based on the needs of the company and your boss. Please remember that just because you are a part of the Cornell in Hollywood program does not mean you are entitled to any special treatment at your job beyond what any other intern receives. It is up to you to make the kind of impression you want to be remembered for.