Vote For Alumni Trustees


"Cornell University’s Regional Clubs Help Set a New Record"

Today this headline is aspirational.
Let’s continue working together to make this true.

Latest Update:

There is still time to vote before the 2020 Alumni Trustee Election closes on Feb. 29. Your help is essential.

As of right now, approximately 3.75% of our alumni population have participated. Wouldn’t it be great to surpass last year’s total and set a new record? View the 2019 results.

Please direct any questions about voting to

Here are two ways you can make a difference:

Vote • Promote

AND you can enable us to recognize your contribution by sharing your feedback and outreach with us, or anything else you hear back from volunteers and local alumni that brings us closer to the goal

If you have already voted, thank you for reading this far and for actively participating in our community. Please invite other volunteers on your board and Cornellians in your community to join you. Your vote moves the needle.  

Curious about a trustee’s scope and responsibility? Click here to learn more and to read about your 2020 candidates.

  • Cornell is alone amongst its peers in allowing its alumni to elect 8 members to its board, 2/year to four year terms with the same voting rights as board-appointed trustees, who serve on and Chair committees.
  • The Committee on Alumni Trustee Nominations spends and incredible amount of time deliberating over bios and qualifications over the course of 4 in person meetings to select the 4 who will be on the ballot each year, taking into consideration the needs of the board.
  • Voting participation is considered “engagement”, a way for alumni to connect to Cornell even if they can’t attend an event or volunteer.