For many years, CCLA has been working to build a strong Cornell in Hollywood (CIH) community to rival other Ivy networks. Now, with the support of our Board of Advisers, composed of prominent alumni in Hollywood, and the support of Cornell's Western Regional Office staff and numerous individuals and departments on campus, we believe we are well on our way to achieving our goals to:

  1. educate Cornell students who want to build a Hollywood career
  2. help students and recent graduates find internship and other career-building opportunities
; and 
  3. provide life-long educational and networking opportunities to Cornell graduates working at all levels in Hollywood.

summer internship program


Cornell in Hollywood has put its 2021 Summer Intern Program on hiatus until we can determine whether Hollywood-based companies will be taking interns this summer. Please check back in a few weeks for updates. 

For companies interested in offering internships for Summer 2021, please contact  ERIN FLINN ( 


Cornell in Hollywood interns and alumni gather at Elizabeth Allen-Rosenbaum's home for her annual summer filmmaking class, the Plymouth Workshop. The workshop is an intensive hands-on filmmaking opportunity with weekly meetings. Each student creates multiple completed scenes and short films by the end of the workshop at a professional level while learning different directing and producing techniques as well as critiquing one another's work. 

From Left to Right: Andrea Fiorentini '16, Hannah Shuman '18, Reed Van Dyk '07(co-teaching the class), Annie Hayes '14, Chisom Awachie '17, Elizabeth Davis '13, Desmond Asiedu '17, Kiki Lee '17, Naomie Castin '17, Alexander Kim '18, Dan Jossman '12












CLICK HERE to join the Cornell in Hollywood Facebook Group, where you can connect and network with Cornellians interested in any aspect of Hollywood or show business! Read on for more information about what Cornell in Hollywood is in the midst of coordinating.

seminars, panels, & roundtables

Successful alumni offer guidance in their area of expertise to recent graduates and alumni interested in changing careers.


Cornell in Hollywood had a full house at its film finance panel, featuring panelists Lawrence Antoine, Rob Fried, Alex Gartner, Michael Jaffe, Andrew Ruf, and Brent Stone.

campus visits

Some Hollywood veteran alumni are eager to return to campus to show their completed projects and interact with students. We help with the arrangements.

video- and tele-conferencing with students

An adjunct to existing courses on campus, this approach enables classroom participation by those alumni who cannot travel to Ithaca.