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Coronavirus Vaccine Update
Covering & Explaining Science in Today’s World


Wayt Gibbs (A&S ’91) has worked as a science writer and editor since 1989. He will take us through the latest on COVID-19 vaccines--the various candidates in the pipeline, ethical issues with prioritizing who gets it first (and at all), the difficult challenges of scaling up manufacturing and distribution, worries about how effective it will be and how much vaccine hesitancy will suppress uptake, and more. Wayt is a contributing editor for Scientific American, Anthropocene, and IEEE Spectrum.  His work has also appeared in Science, Nature, The Economist, Discover, Conversation, NBC News, NOVA and on Netflix, the BBC, the History Channel, PBS, the Discovery Channel and more.

Date:  Thursday, August 13, 2020

Time:  7:00pm (30-minute interview followed by Q&A)

Location: Your sofa, your porch, your laptop, your bed (via ZOOM)

Cost: FREE for CCLA members (need not be a Cornell alum to join CCLA); Free for Cornell West Coast Club members; $10 for non-members

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More info:  Kim Bixler at  310-560-0444