A Manual for Extreme Self-Care During the Pandemic


Join Dr. Miriam Reiss (Arts ’73), author of the new book, “Precious You: Clearing the Path to Higher Self-Esteem,” for a dynamic talk on maintaining a clear and peaceful center during these transitional times. How do you stay internally stable during these months of ambiguity and instability? What steps can you take for mental, emotional and physical well-being, so that you don’t go up and down, as the environment around you fluctuates?

Date:  Thursday, September 10, 2020

Time:  6:30pm

Location: Your home, your couch, your laptop, your phone (via Zoom)

Cost: Free for CCLA members (need not be a Cornell alum to join CCLA); Free for Cornell West Coast Club members; $10 for non-members

More Info: Kim Bixler at kimbixler@earthlink.net 310-560-0444