Cornell Club Mixer: Meet Cornellians Around the World
Saturday, November 14, Main Event (6pm - 7pm PT), After-Party (7pm - midnight PT)


Bring your beverage of choice, and make friends with Cornellians from all around! Cornell Clubs in the USA - Boston, Cape Cod, Central Carolina, Central Florida, Central NJ, Charlotte, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas Fort Worth, DC, Hawaii, Indiana, Ithaca, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Maine, Maryland, Miami Florida Keys, Minnesota, NE Ohio, NorCal, Northern NJ, Philadelphia, San Diego, Vermont, Westchester, Western Washington - and around the world - Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Shenzhen, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Toronto.

Mingle in small discussion groups centered around Cornell-related themes. Share your favorite spots in Collegetown, reminisce on the festivities of Spring/Slope Day, and learn how Cornell has changed over the decades.

We will use Zoom video chat and split everyone into small breakout rooms, so everyone has a chance to talk and share with just a few people. We will rotate everyone around, so you will meet many Cornellians through the mixer.

Event Schedule
- Main Event (6pm - 7pm PT): Small breakout rooms led by moderators
- After-Party (7pm - midnight PT): A stream of mini, rapid breakout rooms