Cornell Club Mixer: Make friends with Cornellians around the worldmixer-2020-11-29-11am

When: Sunday, November 29, Main Event (11am-12pm PT), After-Party (12pm-6pm PT)

Bring your beverage of choice and make friends with Cornellians around the world!

Mingle in small discussion groups centered around Cornell-related themes. Share your favorite spots in Collegetown, reminisce on the festivities of Spring/Slope Day, and learn how Cornell has changed over the decades.

We will use Zoom video chat and split everyone into small breakout rooms, so everyone has a chance to talk and share with just a few people. We will rotate everyone around, so you will meet many Cornellians through the mixer.

Event Schedule
- Main Event (11am-12pm PT): Small breakout rooms led by moderators
- After-Party (12pm-6pm PT): A stream of mini, rapid breakout rooms

Registration Form: