2020 is finally over!!! Yay!


Unfortunately, the Scholarship Fundraiser dinners never happened in 2020 due to COVID-19.  The pandemic numbers seem to be improving and the vaccine rollout appears to be humming along, but sadly, we are still not able to do in-person scholarship events, which means that "The No-Dinner Dinner" makes more sense than ever before. Our goal is to get as many donations as possible for our Scholarship Endowment Fund and show our resolve to provide financial resources for deserving students.


This year "The No-Dinner Dinners" will be two great virtual events. A wonderful “Magic Show” on Friday, March 26, at 7 pm and a fun “Trivia Event” on Wednesday, April 14, at 7 pm. To enjoy these amazing events, we ask that you support the CCLA Scholarship Endowment with a donation in any amount. No donation is too small (or too big), and the full amount of your donation is 100% tax deductible for those who opt to take charitable deductions on their tax returns.


Note that everyone who donates up to $100 gets to pick one of the events. Donors with more than $100 contribution get to attend both of the events!


(Available to Scholarship Fund Donors Only)

Wednesday, April 14 @ 7 pm.

Looking for something to do in the evening that is fun and engaging?  Join CCLA for a virtual trivia night! 

Your trivia event will be hosted by Splendid Isolation Trivia and Quizmaster John!

Quizmaster John is a professional trivia question writer and host who has hosted over 600 live events in person and online and has written thousands of questions for entertainment companies throughout the United States.  

Our events in 2020 have raised money for over 28 charitable organizations.

This will be a team trivia event with rounds including topics such as General Knowledge, Current Events, TV & Movies, and Sports.  After everyone has logged on and is ready, you will be assigned randomly to a team and will meet with your team in a private room or "breakout room" and will come up with a team name and a team representative.  You will be brought back to the main meeting and our trivia will begin! Your host will read all of the questions of the first round to everyone in the main meeting. Feel free to take notes and listen carefully, but do not shout out answers or write answers in the chat.  After the questions are read, you will head to your private breakout rooms and agree on one set of answers for your team.  Your "team leader" will email one set of answers to You will be brought back to the main room and the correct answers will be revealed and the team scores.