We are not yet sure there will be a 2021 Summer Intern Program.  Applications will not be available until we know whether companies will be offerting internships.  Please check back Feb. 1 for more information. Note that individual company submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until the needs of our participating companies are met. It is the applicant's responsibility to check the company deadlines for the companies they are applying to.



· Please do not apply for membership as a CiH Intern until we determine whether there will be a Summer Internship Program in 2021.  Once we know, we will post new information.  Do not pay the registration fee at this time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Eventually we will ask for your Cornell email address and payment of a $25 registration fee so that you can access the list of potential internships. Click to Register 

· Applicants will be vetted by the CIH team and accepted applicants will then be sent our list of confirmed 2021 summer internships. Note that some companies will have their own specific instructions for how to apply. Please read these carefully as you select your target internships.  If a company lists an email address to which to send application materials, please note in the body of your email that you learned of the opportunity through Cornell in Hollywood.  

· We request that you apply for a maximum of 4 internships.  Applying to these internships is not the same as applying to a large finance internship or a college. Your reputation as someone who follows through and our reputation as a program are on the line with every applicant. So with that we will use your top 4 as the ones that we forward your info to if you get into the program, as these are the ones that will most likely be the best fit and the ones that you are able to commit to in the best way. 

· CiH Coordinators will contact you directly as to your acceptance into this year's programs. 

· If you are accepted, companies interested in interviewing you and/or to offer you a position will either contact you directly or through CiH. You may receive multiple offers, so we encourage you to keep track of your interviews and consider all your options before accepting an offer. Should you wish to accept multiple opportunities, you will need both companies to approve this.

· After you receive an internship, please contact us to let us know which opportunity you have accepted and we will add you to our list for the summer. 

· The 2021 Application Form is not available at this time. Please ignore this link. Once completed, please send appropriate resumes and cover letters in PDF form only to If they are in any other format, they will be returned and your decision will be delayed.

For general information on the Cornell in Hollywood internship program and on living in Los Angeles, please see our FAQ







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